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About Okie Sno of Yukon

Who We Are

In 1991, Ray and Shirley Wade were rebounding from the "oil boom - oil bust" which hit the United States hard in the eighties. With little more than an idea and an opportunity to start over again, they entered the frozen confection arena determined to produce the very best shaved ice anywhere. 

During that intense first year, when many of their friends wondered why Ray didn't "get a real job," sales boomed. When they finally had time to reflect on their early success and evaluate the true potential of their new business, it became obvious that their idea to open the first drive-thru shaved ice shop had been a rousing success. 

Two questions intrigued them, however. First, why had no one bothered to market shaved ice in a really convenient manner, and second why had their business been such an immediate success while other shaved ice outlets struggled? 

The answer to the first question seemed to relate to the "status quo." Although shaved ice had been around for many decades, no one seemed inclined to improve the product or its marketing approach beyond the most fundamental stages. The general attitude seemed to be one of indifference. The second answer dealt with one word - Quality! The experience of that first year demonstrated to the Wades that a substantial number of persons still prefer quality over "bargain basement" mediocrity. 

So to address what they felt was a virtually untapped market for premium shaved ice, they entered a period of intense research and development. Obtaining extracts and concentrates from suppliers across the country, notable strides were taken in developing flavors whose tastes were faithful to nature's counterparts. 

In addition, the flavor spectrum was expanded to address growing requests for "adult" flavors, including non-alcoholic brandies, wine coolers and coffee specialties. Accelerated research and development involving the expertise of professional food chemists in ongoing blending and testing enabled Okie Sno® to achieve true gourmet status and to arrive at what many consider to be "the best shaved ice anywhere." 

In 2009, Ray and Shirley realized that they were entering their elder years and did not have the strength to look after Okie Sno®. Jeff Miller, a longtime franchisee, bought the rights to the Okie Sno® name in May of 2009. A veteran in the business field, Miller understood that he needed to find the perfect team in every aspect. As he began to form his team he stayed fluid and flexible. .It appears that Okie Sno® is the story of an idea whose time has come. 

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